I’m a UK-based writer and researcher with a particular interest in the Viking Age (c.800-c. 1100) and the languages and literatures of medieval England and Scandinavia. I enjoy both the theory and practice of translation and this website is designed to showcase some of my amateur translations for a general audience.

In the past, I have lectured medieval literature and linguistics at the University of Oxford, University College London, and the University of York (where I am currently a Research Associate at the Centre for Medieval Studies). I have provided freelance consultancy on matters of Viking Age language and culture for the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, including running workshops training their staff in “everyday” Old Norse (see link here). I recently offered Middle English translation and voice recording services for a Heritage Lottery funded project in Beverley, Yorkshire (link here). I currently work in education policy and research at a membership organisation and think tank.

I am always interested in providing any support I can for public heritage or educational outreach projects, so do get in touch if you want to consult with me on anything (see my Contact page).